KULACA Agricultural Development Cooperative is focused on tomato and pepper production. Regarding the processing plant, the Cooperative manufactures tomato paste and pepper paste. Complementarily, KULACA provides consulting and supporting services to farmers from production to the harvest. KULACA location is Inegöl (Bursa, Turkey). The total agricultural surface of KULACA is 100 ha, being the agricultural surface devoted to tomato production of 50 ha. KULACA owns three different varieties of tomato: Bumín F1, Babür F1 y Hazar F1, being the Bumín F1 production the main one.


Table. Specific agricultural DEMO-plot of KULACA   Agricultural   Development Cooperative.

Specific Agricultural DEMO-PLOT

TOMATO VARIETY (selected for the project) Bumín F1, Babür F1, Hazar F1
CULTIVATION TYPE (greenhouse/open field) Open field
CULTIVATION TYPE 2 (conventional/organic) Conventional
LOCATION OF THE PLOT (region and GPS coordenates)

40° 04´ 27.90" and 29° 34´ 00 07"

AGE OF THE PLOT (1st production year)
SURFACE (M2) 20,000