arca 2010

ARCA Societa Cooperativa A.r.l. (ARCA 2010) is a limited liability cooperative society focused on experimentation, research and development in agriculture and biofuel production chains. ARCA 2010 collaborates with the main local and national public institutions of Italy and with the Chambers of Commerce of Naples, Caserta and Salerno.

The total agricultural surface of ARCA is 5.5 ha, being the agricultural surface devoted to tomato production of 0.6 ha. ARCA produces a great amount of experimental tomato varieties that can be classified on the following groups:

  • Kiros variety (which is the main one), dedicated to the production of seed for the cultivation of the San Marzano DOP.
  • Mix local traditional varieties, dedicated to the production of seed for projects founded by Regione Campania.
  • Genotypes from industry and fresh market, dedicated to the evaluation activity of new genotypes and seed production on behalf of public research institutions.


Table. Specific agricultural DEMO-plot of ARCA.

Specific Agricultural DEMO-PLOT

TOMATO VARIETY (selected for the project) Kiros
CULTIVATION TYPE (greenhouse/open field) Open field
CULTIVATION TYPE 2 (conventional/organic) Conventional
LOCATION OF THE PLOT (region and GPS coordenates)

Campania; 40°54'52,2"N

AGE OF THE PLOT (1st production year) 1997
SURFACE (M2) 2,000

medium textured soil: sand 50%; silt

30%; clay 20%; skeleton 5%