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GRUPO LA CAÑA (GLC) is a company focused on the production, handling and packaging of different vegetables. GLC is located in Castell de Ferro (Granada, Spain).

Its mission is to contribute to healthy, natural and tasty food at national and international level, based on continuous improvement through R&D&I activities, personalized advice to our farmers, in the process and marketing of premium fruit products and vegetables. At the same time, they contribute to the sustainable and environmental development of the agricultural sector, allowing the employees their personal and professional development.

The total agricultural surface of GLC is 1,223 ha, being the agricultural surface devoted to tomato production 574 ha. GLC owns four different varieties of tomato: cherry, cherry branch, branch tomato and tomato, being the cherry tomato the main product.


Table. Specific agricultural DEMO-plot of GRUPO LA CAÑA (GLC).

Specific Agricultural DEMO-PLOT

TOMATO VARIETY (selected for the project) Angelle
CULTIVATION TYPE (greenhouse/open field) Greenhouse 5 Retamar
CULTIVATION TYPE 2 (conventional/organic) Conventional
LOCATION OF THE PLOT (region and GPS coordenates) PARAJE HAZA GRANDE, POL. 26, PLOTS 14 and 60; COORD. - 2.30899258, 36.86122528
AGE OF THE PLOT (1st production year) 2018
SURFACE (M2) 14,983